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Amelia And The Virgin 
Amelia and the Virgin
Liverpool,1981. Amelia and her eccentric Catholic family are eagerly awaiting the Pope’s visit to the city. Increasingly disturbed by visions of a mysterious Goddess, Amelia becomes pregnant and is convincedher baby is the new Messiah.Marguerite, Amelia’s mother, ignorant of her daughter’s condition, takes an extended trip to Ireland to visit the order of nuns she has inherited.  Amelia’s visions intensify and apparent miracles are performed.   A cult develops. The family is divided. As believers swell in number and the papal visit nears, it becomes evident that Amelia and her unborn babyare in danger.
Fast-paced and grimly baroque, this is a wickedly funny tale of religious hysteria, human duplicity and corrupted innocence.
This is the latest review from internet review site, The Bookbag. The reviewer is gushing about the book and you can read her review hereThey gave it a shout on Twitter too.

In March, I read from Amelia and the Virgin to a small but select group  at De Montfort University's Independent Press day:

It was book of the month in November in Ireland's glossy women's magazine, 'Image'.
This month it gets two reviews in 'New Books' magazine! Here, Helen Gough, writes:
And here I am - with Amelia and my two kids in the Courier!
The official launch was  at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester. I was joined by fellow Pewter-Rose authors, Jo Cannon and Fiona Thackeray, Whitby experimental band, The Ammonites and poet, Daithidh MacEodaith for a fun- packed evening of music, poetry and prose.

 Amelia And The Virgin got it's first outing at Ilkley Festival Fringe 2011, when I read some extracts as well as discussing the research into visionary saints that went into the writing of the book. It was a fabulous night, with a great audience.
This was followed by a lunchtime reading at the Chester Festival on 29th October. A lovely venue - and another great audience of literature fans.
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