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The Glass Stairs
The First Saint Cecilia's mystery
Welcome to the Saint Cecilia’s web page! Saint Cecilia’s is a very special school for girls who have a talent in music. You don’t have to play an instrument to read about it, though!
The first book in the Saint Cecilia’s series is The Glass Stairs. This tells the story of Chloe and Gabrielle’s first half term at the school and how they defeat the class bully and a wicked old nun who has made many pupils’ lives a misery. Oh – and they bump into a couple of ghosts, play in the orchestra and get a ride in a police car!
The Glass Stairs is an exciting read about making new friends in a new school – I think you will really enjoy it, especially if you are getting ready to go to high school!
Anyway, that’s enough of me telling you what it’s about, here’s what some readers your age and their parents said about the book:
“I would like to go to Saint Cecilia’s. I thought the ghost was very frightening . I am looking forward to the next Saint Cecilia’s book.”
Ella Spanton (age 11) York
  “I spent six weeks trying to read another book but I read The Glass Stairs in a week because it was so easy to read and exciting.”
Fiona Allen (age 10) Mytholmroyd
“I read the Glass Stairs in one sitting because it was so good, and then I read it again. It was not how I expected a school story to be ... I loved it. It was interesting to have a school story set in a day school as they are often set in boarding schools and I don’t know anyone who goes to a boarding school. It was an easy read but not too easy.  The Glass Stairs,  I could read a hundred times and not get bored because it’s writing about interesting people, things and everyday experiences.”
Jay Kerslake (age 11) Stourbridge
On the back of the book it says:
Saint Cecilia’s School has everything: a strong tradition in music, hi-tech facilities, and a couple of restless ghosts. New girls Chloe and Gabe are determined to withstand Estelle and her bullying friends to discover the true history of the forbidden glass stairs – and Sister Ignatius’s terrifying secret. Fast-paced, atmospheric and truly scary, The Glass Stairs is a classic ghost story for the contemporary reader of  9+ years.

The Nun with the scratched out face ...

Estelle turned back and stuck her tongue out at Chloe

Coming soon - the next in the St Cecilia's series: The Cholera Well
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