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A macabre intelligence is alive in these stories — in turns funny, shocking and strangely apt — a Zeitgeist of 21st century Gothic. Not for the squeamish. A great range of different styles and subjects come together, providing an alternate reading experience that re-reads the real in the hue of comic black. The mundane and the supernatural bed down together in these tales, but only one of them is sleeping!
ISBN 978-1-904646-17-4

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Weird Love

The second collection of stories from Pandril Press, edited by Dave Chadwick and Nicky Harlow explores the ambiguities and nuances of love in its most diverse,   startling and destructive guises. This fresh anthology from published and new writers brings together lyrical, compelling and sometimes comic voices to tell tales of corrosive self-adoration, nuclear family fallout, forlorn desire, derelict affairs, and the quest for true(ish) love.       

Quotes: ‘An attractive and intriguing blend of themes and styles.  It   reveals the poetry and mystery beneath the surface of the    everyday …’  Frances Thimann, author of November Wedding

‘Some stories are poignant, others funny, but all open a crack into the lives and feelings of others. This interesting book demonstrates the potential, breadth and variety of the short   story form. A good read.’  Jo Cannon, author of Insignificant Gestures

‘Pandril takes you on a tour of that most foreign of countries: the one you live in, where the people are strange and the     agendas incomprehensible … The accommodation is terrific. The food, sustaining. The transport, life threatening. Take the trip!’ Brindley Hallam Dennis, author of A Penny Spitfire, Talking to Owls and creator of Kowalski


A collection of 12 short stories from Pandril Press, a regional publishing enterprise that aims to promote emerging writing talent.
Pandril Press was formed by myself and six other writers who began working together on a master’s degree course in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2007.

In her foreword to the new collection, Ailsa Cox, a short fiction specialist at Edge Hill University at Ormskirk, said: “Panopticon introduces seven exciting new talents, and also marks the arrival of a new publishing venture in the North West. This is a great beginning; I’m looking forward to what they do next.”

The books are available through and good bookstores everywhere!
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